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So fresh and so clean

AIFS Florence is back after the summer break, open for business once again and we’ve already welcomed students from Pasadena City College and Oregon International Education Consortium into the fold. Now comes the delightful but difficult task of scratching the surface of the city…

Scratching the city, in its literal sense, is most definitely not encouraged but slowly, steadily and surely our super-duper new students will discover Florence for themselves. Classes in Italian language and Art History haven’t prepared them for ‘the science of the spritz’, sourcing in-season specialities or the steps up to Piazzale Michelangelo. Thankfully, that all comes with time, practice and maybe a sturdy pair of shoes.

It’s always fun witnessing the journey of our students throughout their semester abroad but we are no casual observers. We’re invested in the ‘trip’ and are looking forward to the next stop…

Coming up: Siena & San Gimignano, Fiorentina vs Inter, wine tasting and the small matter of a weekend in Venice.