Cooking Class in Florence: By Hailie G.

Just got my hands messy making some home made raviolis with spinach and cheese, with an artichoke quiche appetizer (not sure if that’s what it was called) and panna cotta with chocolate for dessert. Mmmm!

(Don’t tell my mom that I am learning how to cook.. or that I know how to cook. )
We had to meet on the middle of the Ponte Vecchio (view shown below). This is that bridge with all that snazzy gold on it *sparkle in my eye*

Anyway, that isn’t the topic. So from there we went to this little restaurant/caffe called In Tavola where we were learned to make this lovely meal.
The chefs were amazing! They were very funny and totally entertaining. The main one, Francesco loved my friend Melodie’s name. He even started singing to her a little bit *chuckle.*
I just threw this one in here because it was cool.

I am not sure what to say about this other than it was such a good experience. I had never made raviolis before, let alone home made pasta. It was quite the accomplishment! We didn’t use any egg white or water to close the ravioli either like you see on tv, but still it tasted marvelous! We had to use a lot of team work though because once we got the pasta rolling everything sped up. We had a little assembly line going. I am getting a little sick, so in all honesty everything was a bit of a fog, but luckily they gave us the recipes so I can continue to make it when I get home. Yay! So, take a look at our wonderful food and be jealous 🙂


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