What Apartments in Florence Are Really Like

Ever wondered what Florentine apartments look like? Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect when living abroad in Florence, Italy in AIFS housing:

I apologize that it took me so long to get this post up. This is the apartment that AIFS has provided us with. My roommate and I were absolutely astonished when we saw this room. This is definitely more than what we had expected.

The interior design is very chic!
No, it’s not fresco, still put the my ceiling back at home to shame.
Free bottle water as house-warming gift for our first day!
Already had some basic necessities stocked up before we arrived.
Lots of cups for coffee and wine~
Our cozy little bedroom; we were given lots of hangers and blankets. Kind of wish we have desks though…
We are loving the heated drying rack! Still haven’t had the need to go to the launder mat for dryers as of now! And we also got a hairdryer!
We had some slight issues with hot water and internet the first day or two, but our landlord taken cared for us very quickly. We are really happy with our apartment that we’ll definitely miss it once we go back to the States.
-Lily C.

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